Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Time

I love the Houston Winter.
Not too cold and doesn't last long enough.
Best of all, my electric bill is small.
I have a modest house and the winter months, it's about $30.00.
Almost nothing, then summertime hits and I'm looking between $300 to
$400 a month. Oh how I dread the heat, more ways than one.

So let's get back to Springtime. A true spring in Houston is short lived, in my opinion. I think summer heat creeps up a bit too soon. But when it is Spring, I get a burst of color in my life. I get to see the
flowers come in bloom again, and replace the ones the heat slaughtered the year before.

I am in the process of taking care of my little green Hobbit door that is on my tree. That will be the next real project I will try to tackle. But in the meantime, it was off to Lowe's to pick up some mulch, soil and flowers.

Perks of being a single girl.
When shopping @ Lowe's you get all the workers willing to help you load up your cart, pull your cart and load your car.

Downside of singledom...
I have to unload all of this "crap" on my own.

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  1. Our electricity bill is exactly opposite of yours. During the long winter, it runs up to $300!! In the summer, its like $40. We miss Houston!! -Lilly