Monday, March 18, 2013

Sweet Lennox

While Steve's family went on a vacation with Lisa's family, I got to watch Lennox for the weekend.
Lennox in the back seat of my car.

Watson and Allie observing Lennox and I on the floor, playing. They were very curious of Lennox and felt that they should gang up on Lennox.

I ended up on the sofa that night because my bed was too high for Lennox to get on. Watson watching Lennox lay on Allie's chair and Allie.....

Allie watching over all of us in her new position.

All in all, it was fun to have Lennox stay over.He did have this look that he couldn't be on the sofa, which, ultimately, I had all three of them in various parts of the sofa. All was happy, especially me.

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  1. love the picture of watson and allie observing lennox!