Wednesday, September 21, 2011

1st Concert

Lisa wants to know if I remember my 1st concert. I hope this is correct.

It was Berlin opening for Thompson Twins @ The Music Hall in Downtown Houston. (doesn't exist anymore)

I think I was in 6th grade and I went with Chi Trang, Chi Ha & Chi Tram. (mid 80's perhaps)
The worst part of it was getting a drive for the concert
If I am correct, Co Huong or Chi Nga drove us.

First time I ever smelled Mary Jane. Wowsers...What the hell was that about?

It was so cool because it was a small venue (smaller than the Verizon theatre near Hard Rock) so we were pretty close.

That's when I feel in love with Tom Bailey.

Funny, I was @ the New Order concert with Sylvia. Why didn't I take you guys?

As for great concerts, let's see...
U2 Joshua Tree tour @ The Summit April 7. 1987 (Chi Tram and Chi Ha has a great Austin story on this concert)
Saw Paul McCartney @ the Astrodome back in April 22, 1993
Pet Shop Boys Southern Star Amphitheater March 20, 1991 amazing!!!
The Killers with my siblings (twice) but the Verizon one was extra fun!

Concerts that I didn't appreciate
Hillary Duff...Kinda saw it on tv while Mel, Bella & Amber saw it.
Nsync..Took Katie & Mel...It was nice to see them happy...
The Cure in the Woodlands, sooooooo disappointed, just an awful show.

Concerts I wished I went to but didn't....
Hall & Oats
Duran Duran
Madonna (when she was a chubby slut) not the pseudo english man whore

Funny how mom let me go to soooooooo many concerts...A lot!

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