Friday, April 29, 2011

"Church-Hill" Waits, We Wait

Going to the chapel and ....

I remember when I was ten, I woke up early to see Princess Diana marrying that funny looking older guy, Prince Charles. Now, looking back, I wonder how did I fall into such a love for this fairy tale? There wasn't any internet and the Nguyen family certainly did not have cable back then.
Yet, Princess Diane stole my heart with her tiara and my fascination with anything English..

About a month ago, I came across a Princess Diana Postcard that Lisa sent to me when she was doing her summer studies in England. It was a card of the head of The Princess of Wales and her iconic tiara. Even then Lisa knew how much I just loved the Royal buzz.

I wasn't at all as excited for this wedding as I thought I would, I actually got annoyed with all the extra filler news I had to endure for the past two months. It was too much for me, I just had to switch the station as it happened to pop on the "telly". Trust me, it happened often, switching to anything to keep me from being burnt out before the fairytale begins. As this week rolled by, I let myself tune in.

Ahh, as I woke up and watched the whole ceremony from the beginning, it was nice to know I had my sisters and english friends to talk & text about this occasion. The weirdest part was talking to Mel and asking her if she re-called if Prince Charles wore red for the ceremony. Her reply, "I don't know, I wasn't born yet chi thu."

Great...What a way to make me realize my age...

As I watched, as an American, I was proud, all the same to experience such a lovely historical event. As my former beaus would say, I am such a romantic @ heart and you know, there's worse things in life than to be labeled as such.

Loved the way he smiled at her in the church.
Loved the little Page Boys...
Most of all....
Loved Harry!!!!

Curious, what did you love?

Extra tidbit: Prince William & Harry's last name is Mountbatten-Windsor, but they obviously do not use it....

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