Tuesday, August 5, 2014

It so it goes...

Battle of the bouncing weight.
I gained all the weight I lost in January and February.
March just plain out fucking sucked for me since I hit a road block with chi Trang diagnosed with fucking cancer. No, I'm not very gracious about it....
Cancer sux and it's amazing the strength you see in people when confronted with this obstacle.
There's a lotta love...
So good that I see it.

Anyways..April, I was just scraping by but gaining weight..Eating everything that people were bringing over to chi Trang's house. I ate and ate...

Then May hit...Still struggling but kinda pissed @ myself.

Anyways...July I think I got the jolt I needed. Finally seeing to it that I lost the 5 lbs of which I need another 10 to get down to January's weight.

But, it's five less...And I'll take it. I can look at myself in the mirror again this month and not cringe as much.

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