Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Prom Time

 I am so glad that I don't have any overbearing aunts in my life. All my aunties are pretty sweet and to tell you the truth, pretty busy with their own children/grandchildren. But me? Well, I guess I have a bit more free time on my hands to be that aunt who calls and snoops... So that leads me to justify my actions....

 Sometimes an aunt just has to be a pushy-auntie @ times. I know, I know, who wants that kind of intrusive behavior from a person who doesn't know what's really going on...But...I just...GOTTA.... I love them sooo very much! For instance, Austin....He's my shining star right now. He's a senior and he is just an awesome person. To me, if I had to quickly generalize about him, it's his smile that gets my heart. He rarely doesn't have a smile on him. I so love him for that. Those who know him, know that he doesn't ask for much, things are easy-peasy and not much gets on his nerves. I must have pestered him one too many times about things about senior year stuff, but he never rolls his eyes or grunts at me (things I am sad to admit, I do to my parents). He just says, he's got it under controlled and is cool...

But, but, but, I need to be involved AUSTIN, that's how I finally put it to him. So, he let me be there to take some photos before he left with his friends for his prom.Such a great sport and so handsome too!

In addition, got to meet some of his good friends and they are really all awesome kids!!!!

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