Monday, February 7, 2011

Doctor in the House

It's not Dr. House anymore. It's now Dr. Watson, my new TV Doctor crush.
Ohhhhhh, I can't stand it that the new Sherlock Holmes (2010) BBC series is insanely good!
David and Mel suggested this show to me and I just want more!
Martin Freeman plays Dr. Watson. I have liked him in other shows such as the BBC version of The Office (he's Tim, brit version of Jim) and he is in Love Actually as well. One of my top movies I enjoy.
But to make it even better, I was just informed that he will play Bilbo in the anticipated The Hobbit! Oh dear me, I just can't wait!

Since I can't get enough of him, I went ahead an ordered another tv series he was in about four years ago. The Robinsons should help chill me out until I can get a new Sherlock episode...

Even cooler...We share the same birthdate. How cool is that?
No wonder I like him;-)

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