Thursday, November 18, 2010

Round up the Cowboys

Cowboys and Aliens will be out in theatres next year. But I am getting excited about this movie. I am not too much of a SciFi fan. Hated Star Trek (tv shows) with a passion as a kid. Hated it. But it is growing on me now since I usually catch the last half hour of it on channel 57, the Kube. I do it so I get to watch Twilight Zone. I love the Twilight Zone episodes in black and white. I was too scared to enjoy it as a kid. Now, I like watching it to figure out the twist before they give it to you. I have watched about twenty episodes and I am figuring that Rod Sterling uses the same travel in time theme very often.

Anyways, back to Cowboys and Aliens. yahoo! It's not because of Harrison Ford. I use to be a huge fan of his, even with his wrinkles and all...He hooked up with Calista Flockhart and then decided to divorce his current wife. Harrison, you are ass backwards dude. Errrrr Never thought I was this type of person but...I hated him for that, so lost me as a fan. It's Daniel Craig, all the way. It's like James Bond gone Sci Fi...I'll give it a try...Hope it makes the bucks.

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