Thursday, November 18, 2010

Do Ri Mi

Oh deary me....

Read the following from yahoo:

Lady Antebellum's "Need You Now" is one of country's biggest success stories this year--it's a certifiable crossover hit and has won several major awards, most recently Single of the Year at the 2010 Country Music Association awards last week.

Now, with all that said--here's some food for thought. Is the trio's smash single actually a ripoff of an early '80s hit?

That may seem like a far stretch. However, some people are saying so--specifically, people related to the '80s hitmaker in question, Alan Parsons of the Alan Parsons Project. Apparently, fans of the APP have been chattering about the similarities between "Need You Now" and the APP's "Eye In The Sky," a tune that approached the top of the charts back in 1982.

Back to me.
That explains it. Everytime I sing to this song, I have this feeling like I heard it before... I think Lady Antebellum's song is awesome, never-the-less.

Let the music play

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