Monday, October 6, 2014

Watson...My baby XOXO

My sunshine has left me. I do not even know what to say.
It's a blur.
I mean really...
Doctor said he was not in pain, but he just left me.
I do not know why medically he left, but he did.
Doctors are baffled but told me not to question it.

Allie is sad.
That morning of the passing, she was sitting right next to his bed.
Just looking at me.
She did not move.
Chi Tram told me maybe a cat needed to say goodbye...
So I took her to the hospital to say goodbye to Watson but being there, I decided to take Watson home for one last time.
Allie sat with Watson in my living room for 30 minutes.
Then I took him to the place that took care of Penny when she passed.

It took 48 hours later for Allie to come sit on the sofa.
Clearly she is grieving as well.

This is Watson's healthy x-rays..
Doc says x-rays looks perfect...

He is perfect...
You are missed.
I mean...who is going to give me kisses? Not Allie...