Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I always wondered...
How do parents love more than one kid.
How does that work.
And of course, I realize, duhhhh, the same thing can be asked for nieces and nephews.

Each and everyone of my kiddos just make me so happy and they all have such sweet attributes that make loving them, so very easy.

It's so much fun being an aunt when it comes to celebrating all the festivities.
I get off so easy because I didn't raise these kiddos, yet I get to reap the same benefits seeing them accomplish their milestones.

I'm pretty damn lucky.

(I didn't get to see Amanda walk live, yet I watched it on my computer live and MAN, was I happy)
As for Amber, if being her Senior Class VP, Honor's Society, Homecoming Queen, Volleyball star and Miss Versatile for her Senior year is any indication of her future, she's onward to continuous greatness as well.

How cool to have the Astrodome as your backdrop

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