Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Father's Day

My parents wanted to have crawfish this weekend, & I was the one making the crawfish.
By default since Anh Vinny is the better crawfish boiler.
It's not hard to actually cook it, it's the keeping it alive so you can kill it "fresh" If that makes any sense.
I was agitated at first to think I had to do it, but when it boiled down to it, it was because I was nervous since I haven't made crawfish in 4 years! Sidenote: Mom was telling me to only boil it in water nothing else....Whatever!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, I was able to reserve the suckers and they were nice and plump.
I made two batches. One that was buttery and garlic spiced & the other without butter and spice.
It was a success which meant, all gone.

Technically it was the first thing that I ever cooked that Robert tasted.
Dating this long and he has never asked nor made me cook for him.
(Maybe that's why he's still around...ha)

Hong made yummy flan and grilled pork. Oh it was so good..... and how she slaved over our archaic charcoal grill to let us savor that was gluttonous. I'll repeat, it was soooooooo good.

After the eating that we do, we merged into living room and watched France beat Honduras (yay) and Argentina beat Bosnia (A bigger yay)

Then to close up any Nguyen event, we have cake and sing.
(Robert was like, what? There's a Father's day song?)
Uhmmm, in the Nguyen household, we sing (badly) for whatever occasion, but we sing dang it!
Only Missing Adrian, Mike and Dan.

It felt like another perfect day.

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