Thursday, July 1, 2010

Miss Penny

Penny was loved. This is an understatement.

Tuesday night: I was smart enough to take a picture of Penny after I gave her a bath that night. She was very thirsty and excited that she was drinking water. She didn't eat this night.

Wednesday: She's in heaven. That night, the three of us, slept together one last time. Allie tried to comfort me as I sobbed myself to sleep.

Thursday: Allie was affected by Penny's passing. She lost a friend. If I could tell you how these two girls interact...Would put a smile on your faces. Allie is sitting at the doorway, normally Penny's position, watching me take Penny away in the morning. I promise you, she was looking for Penny. If you look closely, you can see how Allie wanted to go with me. This girl is an inside cat. She does not ever like leaving out of the front door, but she wanted her friend, who I placed in my front passenger side of my car.

At the Doctor's office, you can see all the caring people who met Penny. This is an extremely busy office. You can visually see and hear how upset they were when they saw it was Penny. Sigh. I left, hurting.

Going home this night, it was brutal. I would look down next to my bed and she wasn't there, waiting for a treat.

It's just me and Allie now. Sigh...My sister told me it was okay to cry, let it out.
We will be okay.


  1. You took such great care of her. We all appreciate it and I know she does too. :)

  2. That picture of Allie by the door is just too much.