Friday, December 11, 2015

Return of The Jedi

We watched with the boys. (Jabba The Hut is just gross !)
I am liking it that the boys really wanted to do movie night on a Thursday at my house.

It's a big deal because that meant that these boys actually did their homework on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday instead of waiting for Thursday to do a weeks worth.
I was very proud of Cameron for taking the initiative since he is dyslexic and reading is a BITCH to do.
Once you are diagnosed with dyslexia, the school gives you less spelling words and other considerations to help with homework.

As for Holden, he wasn't too interested in the Return of the Jedi except for the fact he was playing his Star Wars Legos while watching until the Ewoks came on. He loved the Ewoks!

This is Holden's drawing of Jabba The Hut with a purple Princess Leia on a leash. You can see on the left is Luke Skywalker with his green light saber and Han Solo on top trying to help. I love the artwork of young children.

It was a nice evening letting boys chill and Robert got to snooze a little.

Wow, I like Darth Vader but I am embarrass to say, I always thought it was DARK Vadar.  ooppss

And I thought I was a fan.

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