Monday, October 21, 2013


I pretty much did Vegas on my own. SO there is more than enough selfies of myself.
Hmmmm, I lost all my money playing blackjacks with the Hawaiian locals. It was so much fun being like a local and they made me Honorary Hawaiian girl ;-)

Had I left the table with my dealer named Paula and played @ the Hood Hotel California, I would have been up three hundred dollars.

Then she went home and I eventually LOST everything...Boooo
It was nice but I was ready to be back home to the people I love.

The Beatles LOVE show @ The Mirage

 Meeting TELLER and actually hearing him speak to me!!!!!
 Finally getting to read this book. Tina is hilarious.
 Self Explorations:
 I still Love Gordon Ramsay and I always think of U2 when I am on Freemont
 And still love the BELLAGIO

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