Friday, June 14, 2013

Labels- Happy GF & BF...

Ok...Let's see...

I met this guy.
He's a really swell guy.
He let's me, be me.
It's so refreshing.

When I am laughing, sometimes he is laughing just as hard.
I like that, I like that a lot.

It feels as I am taking this really slow, yet it seems really fast as well.
Obviously, I'm the one that may be resistant to changes.

Ok, taking some suggestions from my sisters and close friends, I decided
to try harder at being more patient with me and him.

It was suggested to me not to dwell on events like that aren't pertinent to a relationship.
So, I decided today, I was going to initiate our morning greeting instead of waiting on him saying good morning first...
First time beating him to the morning greeting, I'm very glad I did.

(I'm in the green...)

So during the course of our day, having met up for lunch and discussing random things..He asked me if anyone in my family knew about him and what was he to me. I wasn't smooth with my answer and just didn't know what to say. So I said they do know that I have a new guy friend...
His reply, what, wow, I'm just a new other guy, random guy and so on...
Teasing me profusely.

Continue our conversation after lunch, back in the office. (READ bottom up) turns out that starting the day being proactive in my relationship.....

It's official...I have a boyfriend. God help us both. LOL

So, there you are, my private world, out there for the world, whether you care or not...
Some very close girlfriends are going to fall off their chairs when they find out ...

My bosses and co-workers have already met him.
But he's gonna have to pay his dues before he meets my special love, mi familia.


  1. Uhh... I thought you changed his name on your phone? :)

  2. I did..It was originally My Love R

    And then you puked...Isn't this better?