Monday, November 28, 2011

Turkey Madness

Here's the quick version, just in case I get lazy down the road...

2:30 am Friday Morning :
Turkey digested after all are asleep....Lisa and I are watching infomercials....I had this bright idea that I was going to get me a pot belly pig as a pet. So cute....

8:45 am Monday Morning :
Googled Pot belly Pig... HELL NO! No way! I am not having a potential 90lbs piglet walking around my house, litter trained or not!

Something happens to your brain when you are having a good time with your sister...Neither one of us thought it was a bad idea at the time.

Disclaimer: I was warned that they do not stay small...If I am lucky, 50lbs...Nope.Nope Nope!!!

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